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No one wants to be charged with a crime, but if you are, you need a law firm that specializes in defending that crime. Criminal Defense. It’s what we do all day, every day. And that single minded focus benefits our clients.

Using experience honed over years of trial work, we excel in investigating our case and determining the strong points and any shortcomings. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case. Armed with that knowledge, we determine the best course of action. When we sit down to discuss your case, we won’t tell you what you want to hear – we’ll tell you what you need to hear and then find ways to optimize your position and minimize the damage, always with your best interests and goals in mind.

We enjoy a good working relationship with the prosecutors and a reputation for being thoroughly prepared, straightforward and ethical, and more than willing to press a case to trial. This reputation, along with professional negotiating skills, means we can often reach a meaningful resolution without a trial.

If a trial is the better defense, we put to use our years of experience and cutting edge trial strategies. Working together, George Hess, our Trial Attorney, and Celeste Daly, our Trial Consultant, develop persuasive case themes and pull together the evidence and witnesses that counteract the prosecution’s case. We use experts in particular fields, like forensic science, and an excellent private investigator, when necessary. We determine the characteristics of the ideal juror and develop the questions that will identify those jurors.

Nimble and without tunnel vision, our defense team can interpret and take advantage of new information right up through trial. On the eve of trial in one murder case, we discovered a new concern that was being raised in only three other states regarding the reliability of DNA evidence. We researched the issue, tracked down the defense attorney who had raised it in California, and made it part of our trial strategy. Despite the prosecutor’s objection, we cross examined the State’s DNA expert on the issue and got it before the jury.

By deeply understanding our cases and human biases, we develop jury questionnaires to eliminate potential jurors whose attitudes or experiences might keep them from being impartial. In one child abuse case, the entire jury pool was disqualified by the court because our questionnaire had exposed their biases against our client.

So, if you’ve been charged, or think you will be, call or e-mail us for a complimentary consultation to see how we can help you.

Because Experience Matters. 



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